C++TO 2020, Jun 30#

Co-presenting with Gerd Heber: H5CPP and current state of reflection in C++

Lightning Talk C++TO 2020#

H5CPP in a nutshell


Successful integration with Message Passing Interface and Parallel HDF5 extended the H5CPP template library with parallel file system capability. With H5CLUSTER AWS EC2 reference platform we demonstrated both independent and collective IO calls. This addition simplifies persistence in HPC clusters / supercomputers.

HDFGroup Webinar#

Influenced by the HDFGroup C++ SIG members a new structured exception handling mechanism added to provide easy catch all, or refined error handling. The new revised internal compile time type system are pure templates, moving away from a low cost but functional macros. Special thanks to Elena Pourmal for organizing the events, Marc Patterno, Chris Green, from Fermilab, and Eugen Wintersberger from Desy for discussions and feedback.

Chicago C++ User Group#

First introduction of H5CPP with help from The HDFGroup leadership, and Gerd Heber to the C++ community took place in Chicago 2018 fall. With the LLVM based compile time reflection H5CPP brought seamless persistence for arbitrary POD types.